EKP Future Topics

  • BoomER: Emergency Room Survival Guide for Baby Boomers and Older Adults

    Should I rush to the ER? What dangers await me? How do I avoid common emergency room medical care errors? Which ER is best for a heart attack? How has ER overcrowding affected healthcare around the globe and in my emergency room?

  • Nutrition for Frail Elderly

    Frail elders have special nutritional needs. Caregivers and healthcare professionals will keep this valuable reference close by.

  • Nutrition for Older Adults

    With wisdom comes change. Baby boomers will get questions answered: put-to-use advice on feeding their ever-morphing body.


Short and sweet. Relevant topics.

  • Gray-Haired Zombies

    Our sick elders are being snowed with drugs to shut them up and get them to follow our rules. The scary truth is revealed, with some solutions.

  • Over-treatment of High Blood Pressure

    Are we being misled by those who benefit from over-prescribing medication? Are medical studies relevant to older adults?

  • Solving Insomnia in Older Adults