Welcome to Endless Knot Press

Endless Knot Press is a new publishing company with a bold mission:

  • Refocus elder care on quality of life and meaningful living
  • Create content that educates and enables caregivers to best meet complex needs of frail elderly such as medical, nutritional, creative, life meaning, spiritual
  • Empower Baby Boomers to live their golden years healthier and happier

How is Endless Knot Press Unique?

The publisher and senior editor is a physician who practices geriatric medicine and keenly understands the medical, nutritional and spiritual needs of older adults.

Care of aging adults has become focused on drug prescribing and test ordering, often neglecting person-centered care. Our words for the wise will refocus on topics that are most important to Baby Boomers and older adults:


  • Quality of life and attaining purpose and meaning in our lives.
  • Understanding changing nutrition needs of aging adults with practical guidance.
  • Spiritual fulfillment and creative engagement in the last few years of life.
  • De-medicalizing care of older adults. More handholding. Fewer prescriptions to help reduce brain fog that saps quality of life from frail elders.
  • Getting elders to exercise — even in a wheelchair or hospital bed!
  • Expert advice on how to get quality emergency room or urgent care and reduce avoidable hospital admissions. The hospital can be a danger zone for older folks.