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  • Magnesium: Super-Mineral?

    Magnesium never gets center stage. Sodium always plays the villain. Potassium is usually the hero. Magnesium — who is that? Well it may be time to write in magnesium as the superhero. Studies have shown that this no-name mineral can improve the following health conditions: Diabetes Heart irregularities Bone strength Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) Migraine Asthma […]

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  • Should I Go to the Emergency Room?

    Sound Advice on whether or not to seek care at an emergency room from the author of, “ER: Enter at Your Own Risk – How to Avoid Dangers Inside Emergency Rooms.”

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  • 6 Reasons Not to Take Beta Blockers

    Medications must be used properly: The right drug for the right person at the right time. This article offers 6 surprising reasons NOT to use a commonly used class of heart medication – beta blockers – unless you really need it!

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