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  • Salt Tips

    Salt helps to preserve food and adds flavor which is why more than a dash of sodium is added to most foods in groceries and restaurants. Is salt bad for everybody? Does it raise the blood pressure and therefore contribute to heart disease and stroke in all who consume sodium? The verdict is not yet in […]

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  • Where’s the Protein?

    Did you ever see those grim images of protein-starved children in faraway places? “Good thing that stuff doesn’t happen here,” you mutter under a sigh of relief. Newsflash: Protein malnutrition is closer to home than you could imagine, particularly in seniors with dwindling food intake who may not eat enough protein-rich foods. Protein is made […]

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  • Magnesium: Super-Mineral?

    Magnesium never gets center stage. Sodium always plays the villain. Potassium is usually the hero. Magnesium — who is that? Well it may be time to write in magnesium as the superhero. Studies have shown that this no-name mineral can improve the following health conditions: Diabetes Heart irregularities Bone strength Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) Migraine Asthma […]

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