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  • Stroke Quiz Answers

    Stroke Quiz Answers Answers to the Stroke Quiz on page 261 of BoomER Emergency Room Survival Guide: Name 3 signs or symptoms of a stroke: (Hint: see Page 252 in BoomER) — sudden numbness or weakness in an arm or leg, headache, dizziness, changes in vision or loss of vision in one eye, sudden confusion, difficulty […]

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  • How Low Can Blood Pressure Go?

    The Doctor measured her BP at 120/60. “Perfect pressure,” he said to his patient. Like a proud artist showing off his painting, the doctor boasted that the three medications he prescribed for high BP were working well. So why did this 84 year-old lady die just a few weeks later? Surely high blood pressure is […]

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  • Medication Use in Older Adults: Choose Wisely

    Medications pose potential risks in older adults more than younger folks. Read these must-do tips for using medication wisely.

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